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New Slalom C-2s on the way to High Rocks!

We just finalized the details for three brand new C-2 slalom boats for the High Rocks paddling program!  The boats come all the way from Slovakia produced by leading composite boat company, Vajda, where many Olympic racers get their boats.  Our paddling head, Fritz … »

Hank turns 55!

This past Wednesday, Hank Birdsong turned 55!  Many of you who were around camp five years ago may remember the black “Hank is 50” T-shirts that everyone had.  Maybe you remember the “Hank is 50” chant lead by Lewis Lovett … »

Winter Snow & Ice at High Rocks

Over the last several days we have had some bitterly cold days, which froze the lake completely for the first time this winter.  A light snow this morning on top of the ice gave us a rare opportunity to see … »