Hank turns 55!

Izzie, Hank, Grace

Isabelle Gentle, Hank Birdsong and Grace Gentle on Hank's 55th Birthday

This past Wednesday, Hank Birdsong turned 55!  Many of you who were around camp five years ago may remember the black “Hank is 50” T-shirts that everyone had.  Maybe you remember the “Hank is 50” chant lead by Lewis Lovett during the two-week session that summer. 

We had the opportunity to take Hank out last week.  When he arrived at Zoob and Don’s house, the Gentle girls were all too excited to show Hank their new outfits!  The “Hank is 50” shirt lives on; with a little adjustment, of course!

He still climbs rocks, leads Boy Scouts, works 60+ hours a week, loves camp, and is our fearless leader.  Way to go Hank!

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