Because of Camp

Of course, all of us here at Camp High Rocks know how important camp is for young boys.  You cannot beat the opportunities for growth, independence, friends, new activities, connection with nature, and mostly FUN!

Camp High Rocks continues to foster its relationship with the American Camp Association, an organization that is trying to reach out to everyone about the importance of camp.  As members of the American Camp Association and the Association of Independent Camps, we all really enjoyed this new piece put out by the ACA with generous funding by the Legacy Fund sponsored by the AIC.  Enjoy the video and feel free to pass it on…


 This year Camp High Rocks will be participating in our first ACA Accreditation visit to be an ACA Accredited Camp.  So far the process has been wonderful and we have learned a lot.  We look forward to the event and the possibility of being an ACA Accredited Camp.  If you would like to pass a great link on to parents about the ACA and the joys of camp send them to

 The Association for Experiential Education also accredits Camp High Rocks.  Actually, we were the first program ever to be accredited by AEE.  We will continue to enjoy the benefits and knowledge from this accreditation as well and feel that they complement each other very well.  To find out more about AEE and their accreditation program visit

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