Impromptu Staff Reunion

We just had the wonderful opportunity of catching up with longtime staff member Brad Carter (1995-2000, 2002, 2003 Expedition).  Brad worked and grew our climbing program for many years.  He lead two expeditions to Yosemite, and has been a great friend ever since.


Brad just came through town to attend and play music for a wedding of some local friends here in Brevard.  While catching up with Brad, we had the opportunity to meet his new wife, Melisa!  We actually found out Brad was married one day on Facebook.  It was posted something like this…”got married in Yosemite in September to best ever gal Melisa Holman.”  It was posted December 23rd; perfect Brad Carter fashion.


Brad is doing really well and currently living in Seattle with his wife and playing music, mostly, for a living.  He still keeps up on the guitar and the banjo;  Melisa plays the violin.  Brad also keeps up with Brent Harding (staff-1996) who is head chef at Le Pichet’s in Seattle and Aaron “AJ” Power (staff-1995,96,2000-2001), who has made a living as an amazing artist.


We were also able to catch up with Travis Herbert (1997-99), who is still in the area working for North Carolina Outward Bound’s Unity Project.  We also had Stuart and Katie Dodson over that night too.  They live in Brevard and will be expecting their first child this summer!


Stuart, Katie, Travis, Melisa, Brad, and Zoob

Stuart, Katie, Travis, Melisa, Brad, and Zoob

It was a wonderful evening of catching up, laughing about old times, and remembering so many others that have put Camp High Rocks on their path.  My best to all of them; it was a wonderful time!



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