July Session Blog Excerpt from Don Gentle

Below is an excerpt from Associate Director, Don Gentle that was posted on our daily picture blog and update during the July Session.


July 1st, 2009

Ah, cabin overnights!  It is one of the few longtime traditions here at High Rocks that still stands strong today! We are so fortunate to have over 1000 acres to play on without even leaving camp! As you may know, we typically start our cabin overnights the first few nights of the session. We start with the oldest guys and give the youngest guys a few more nights to get used to their new surroundings and settle in to a schedule. It is such a great way to pull the cabin group together. Each group heads out to one of our five open-air shelters on the property for the night. They packout dinner, and just enough to get by for the night (typically, sleeping bag, ground pad, toothbrush, flashlight, and a water bottle; some bring pillows and other “comforts”). Don’t worry mom (dad), the nurse packs use our first aid kit, and any evening meds and PRN’s that are necessary for the night. The hike itself is may be a mile to the farthest shelter, so the hike is only a short part of it. Now some hikes have taken a little longer if the counselor and campers get a little turned around, but that’s usually part of a great story that will last a lifetime!


 The best part is that the guys just spend an evening with “pita pizzas” over the stove ’til you drop, a campfire with s’mores, and hangin’ out with your cabin group. The guys typically stay up late, play games around the fire, and finally joke and laugh until they are beat tired. They all return to camp just in time to drop off their packs, wash their hands, and head to breakfast. Sorry mom, they don’t get a shower until the next night; but that’s what makes it camp. Some of my favorite stories I have heard from campers and staff come as a result of the “cabin overnights.” Be sure to check out the great pictures from the first night of overnights.

 The July Session takes off so fast! Trips headed in a number of directions today with a river trip, caving trip, and climbing trip out of camp already! I included a file of all the special events for the session. Most are trips out of camp, but some are just plain fun. Use it as an outline for the session. Here’s the link: Schedule for the July Session!

 Have a great night!


Don Gentle

Associate Director


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