Old High Rocks Friends Reconnected

Stuart, Katie, and Wylie Dodson; Erin McManus; Liddell Shannon; Logon, Andie, and robert Dye; Grace and Zoob Gentle; Gary Thompson

Left to Right: Stuart, Katie, and Wylie Dodson; Erin McManus; Liddell Shannon; Logan, Andie, and Robert Dye; Grace and Zoob Gentle; Gary Thompson

This past Sunday was a fun event at the Gentle’s!  A long-time friend and colleague of the High Rocks community came to visit all the way from Idaho.  Many on the staff-side know him as “Uncle Gary.”   Gary Thompson worked for six seasons at High Rocks, from 1998-2003.  He only worked the summers at camp for two seasons, but spent several years as an instructor for our “LEAP” school group program and an additional summer as an expedition leader.  After graduating from Brevard College, he pursued a Master’s at the University of Idaho.  He came back to help out at Brevard College, including one trip with Robert Dye (wearing the High Rocks hat) in Argentina.  Gary is currently living in McCall Idaho where he is the Director of Operations and Leadership at McCall Outdoor Science School and a seasonal NOLS instructor.

Let me give you a little background on the rest of those pictured above.

Stuart, Katie, and “Baby Wylie” have a combined 17 years of summers at camp.  Both served as staff for all of those years and met at camp.  They both currently live in Brevard and are focused on their daughter Wylie.

Erin McManus came to High Rocks by way of Camp Green Cove and worked several seasons with the LEAP school group program.  Erin has managed to stay in the area after earning her masters degree at Wake Forest.  She has most recently been the Pre-College Coordinator for WCU’s Center for Math and Science.

Liddell Shannon is another amazing local legend.  She’s made a point of calling Western North Carolina home after spending years working at a number of different outdoor programs in the area.  Like Erin, Liddell came to us by way of Camp Green Cove, and spent several season in our LEAP school group program.  She just finished up another summer in Alaska at area tripping program, Adventure Treks.  When not traveling the world over, Liddell is currently working for the GEAR-UP college readiness program in Cherokee, NC and has just finished her Masters in Education at Western.

Next from the left, Logan Dye is currently coming back for his fourth summer at High Rocks.  He and his parents (pictured) live in Brevard all year long.  His dad, Robert works as a professor in the Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education program at Brevard College.

It was a great gathering of friends all linked together by our connections with Gary and Camp High Rocks.  Many of us had not been together in a number of years.  Good food, great stories, and a lot fun!!!  Keep in touch everyone and stay safe!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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