Center Ice at High Rocks?


Well, we didn’t play hockey, but we did take a little time out this week to play on the ice!  For the first time in over a decade the Camp High Rocks Lake froze over completely with the ice thick enough to walk on.  After more than two weeks of temperatures as low as the single digits and highs only in the 20’s, the lake was able to build up ice that was about 5-6 inches deep. The ice was actually so thick you could run all the way across the lake.  It had been a long time since the ice was this thick, said Townsend.  Back in the Townsend’s childhood days, her brother, David, would ice skate around the lake frequently during the winter.  David’s parents (Jane and Sumner Williams) told him he had to tie a canoe around his waist and drag it around with him, in case he fell through the ice.  Imagine seeing David cruising around the lake with a Grumman trailing behind him.  What a sight!

We all had a blast playing and sliding around this week.  Ben Little was the only one with skates this time, and he did skate around a bit as well as take in some hoops while he was at it.  We didn’t make him drag a canoe…

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