A Journey with The River

 Pictures from June 10, 2010 (password required)


Our first trips on the French Broad River for the beginner and intermediate paddlers headed out today.  After three one-hour sessions on the lake the first groups headed out to begin their paddling progression on the moving water.  The French Broad begins its journey just south of Brevard and continues all the way up through Asheville and into the Tennessee River system, before it finally dumps into the Gulf of Mexico.  Our beginner and intermediate paddlers put-in just below the steep headwaters to practice their new skills on gentle moving water. Today they practiced essential skills like eddy turns, peel-outs, and ferries. These maneuvers will help them work with the water to put the boat where they want it to go on the river. Our goal is to have these boys continue to master and enjoy the sport one step at a time, until after several summers the boys are paddling some of the best whitewater in the Southeast. 

We had two groups head out on the river today; one in the morning and then another group in the afternoon. The morning group is featured in today’s photos, be on the lookout tomorrow for the afternoon group.  Many of these guys will progress on to the lower Green River next week for their first all-day trip.  Keep an eye out next week for more river pictures.

Our climbers headed over to Cedar Rock in Pisgah National Forest for some great climbs.  The Mountain Bikers took their first out of camp trip to Dupont State Forest.  Again, most of these guys will head on to bigger and better trips in their respective activities as the session progresses.

Tonight is the last night of cabin overnights.  Blaire and Townsend were out with their camera again tonight.  However, they got back late so you will have to wait until tomorrow until you can see those.

Tonight’s age group activities:

“Juniors”– (Hillside & Connestee) are participating in canoe fill-ups.
“Middler 1”– (Lakeside & Foxhollow) are playing capture the flag.
“Middler 2” – (Flattop, Holiday & Chalet) Holiday & Chalet are headed out on a cabin overnight. Flattop is playing capture the flag.
“Upper Middlers” – (Windswept & Outpost)  are headed out on a cabin overnight
“Seniors” – (Halfway) & “Upper Seniors” – (Lookout) are going off the water slide.

Have a wonderful night and enjoy the pictures.  There are some great paddling shots as well as some High Ropes Course pictures.  Tomorrow is another day in paradise!!!

Don Gentle
Associate Director

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  1. June 11, 2010 by Krysia

    I got a letter today … my third in 5 years … Some excerpts: “I am so excited! I have signed up for fishing,climbing, canoeing, horseback and hiking. My cabinmates are pretty cool. … I am having the best year yet. They made it even cooler. Yes!”
    I would like to add that even before “they made it even cooler” the weeks at Camp High Rocks have been hands down the best weeks of his year, every year, since 2006.