All-Camp Olympics

 Pictures from June 20, 2010 (password required)
note: today’s pictures span several days

The "Blues Brothers" visit High Rocks

Our Sunday got off to a slow and relaxed start with a super sleep-in morning.  Campers were invited to the lodge to watch Looney Tunes and leave the rest of their cabin mates to sleep a little later in the morning.  It was well received among campers and staff.  After breakfast everyone headed down to the lakefront for some time to reflect on the camp experience and sing a few songs.  Chris Dorrity, the head of our climbing program, spoke about leadership and qualities that we can work on to become better leaders.

Campers spent time this morning signing up for the Camp Olympics that took place this afternoon.  The rest of the morning was Choice Period and campers had options of swimming, canoeing, kickball, the new game room, four square, tennis, fishing, and Disc golf. 

The afternoon was full of excitement with the Camp Olympics.  The teams competing this session were the Blues Brothers vs. Jonas Brothers.  The skits were a highlight of the afternoon!  Campers participated in an all camp swimming relay and running relay in addition to many other events including a waterslide relay and dragon boat racing (five campers in a canoe at once).

We wrapped up the day with a cookout including hamburger and hotdogs (a favorite night for cleanup with the camp dogs).  Then everyone headed up to campfire hill for songs and a story recounted by Jonny Gotterer, one of our many campers turned counselors here at High Rocks.

It was a nice change of pace and a day to catch our breath before the trips and numerous other activities gear back up again on Monday!

Happy Father’s Day to all you Dad’s out there!  Enjoy the pictures!

Zoob Gentle

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