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Pictures from June 7, 2010 (password required)

 Horseback Riding at Camp High Rocks

Today has been a great day at High Rocks! The temperature was nice today, and it looks like we will have wonderful weather for the entire week, with highs in the high 70’s and lows in the mid 60’s. There is always the possibility of an afternoon thunderstorm, but they have held off so far.

If you haven’t seen your son in a picture- drop him a note & tell him to get in front of a camera! We don’t force the issue & some campers just don’t want their picture taken. Sometimes we post pictures over a few days, so if you see your son in the same t-shirt for a few days, it is probably because we took the pictures on the same day, but posted them on two different days. The cabin routine is for the boys to take showers after evening activity each night, so clothes normally do get changed daily. We use pictures that various staff members take & sometimes post pictures that campers have taken. Higher quality versions of the pictures will be available on parent’s day if you did not pre-order a picture disk.

Last night the campers chose their activities and today was the first full day of activities. I sent a letter to parents today that listed the activity choices made by their son. Most boys will stick with their original choices, but some decide to switch an activity after a day or two. Our small size gives us a lot of flexibility with our programming. If you do, however, get a note from your camper that says he didn’t get a certain activity that he wanted, please let us know (woody@highrocks.com). We do our best to make sure the campers know that they can do any activity they choose at High Rocks but sometimes younger campers make assumptions based on prior experiences (before coming to High Rocks).

Choice period activities today included: Soccer, Lacrosse, Bouldering Cave, Fishing, Swimming, Canoeing, Gym Games, Tennis and Game room (ping-pong & foosball).

Tonight’s age group activities:

“Juniors”– (Hillside & Connestee) are playing a field game at the “Cabin Field”
“Middler 1”– (Lakeside & Foxhollow) are at the lake participating in “canoe fill-ups”
“Middler 2” – (Flattop, Holiday & Chalet) are going off the water slide
“Upper Middlers” – (Windswept & Outpost) are playing a group game on the “Athletic Field”
“Seniors” – (Halfway) & “Upper Seniors” – (Lookout) are at the soccer field

Cabin overnights begin tomorrow and activity trips will begin later in the week. We should have reports on those special activities soon. We’ll try to send cameras out on many of those trips & share the pictures with you.

Enjoy the pictures & come back tomorrow!

Take care,

–Hank Birdsong

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