Look Out Dolly’s, Here We Come!

Pictures from June 15, 2010 (password required)

Mountain Bikers scout the hill before the sweet descent!

Mountain Bikers scout the hill before the sweet descent!

Tuesday saw two more trips leaving High Rocks before breakfast began for the majority of our campers. Canoeing busted out to hit a long stretch of the Chattooga River. Known as Section 2, this seven mile stretch of water is designated as a Wild and Scenic Corridor and is one of the last free-flowing streams left in the Southeast. The run offers up great rapids to test our boaters, large pools to collect themselves again, and miles of unbroken wilderness to feel like they are exploring some serious backcountry. With swimming holes and jumping rocks, there is plenty of opportunity to pull over for a refreshing splash down, and huge rocks in the middle of the river for scenic lunches.

Climbers also got another early jump on the rock and headed to Horseshoe for a full day out in some beautiful (if warm!) weather. The guys still in camp spent the day practicing rappelling down from the top of the tower. Not the most comfortable sensation backing off a 50 foot edge, but totally worth the effort for the great descent. Later this week, some of our climbers will gear up for the first climbing overnight fo the session.

Mountain Biking also took a full load out for the entire day. The bikers hit up some amazing trails over in the Mine Mountain and Reasonover areas of DuPont. The group especially loved the professionally built Ridgeline Trail which is rated by the International Mountain Biking Association. The newly redone trail includes a steep, technical downhill which got everyone’s adrenaline levels pumping and had excitement bubbling out of the van upon their return. Our guys also passed by fellow boys’ camps out riding and got the chance to swap camp stories and learn some trail etiquette. A great day in DuPont!

Our 2-Day Hike made it back into camp later this afternoon after spending a great night out in the Pink Beds. The weather was gorgeous for the crew as they got to see storms moving through the mountains off in the distance, but were never troubled with any rain. The hikers made camp near a creek which created an impromptu “Stick Regatta” down the stream and created a very pleasant backdrop for sleeping. The morning saw some of the trails flooded from rain higher up in the mountains and our guys got to use map and compass skills to figure out a new way to get to the pick up area. This was successfully (and proudly) done, with the result of a cushy, dry-footed ride back to camp. Our three day hikers show up tomorrow and I am sure will have many more stories to pass on.

Tonight will see another age group, those in Windswept and Outpost, head off for their Chill Night to Sliding Rock and then on to Dolly’s where the reported favorite flavor out of 52 is, what else, High Rocks Arctic Slide. The Barn is also putting on a special invitational Evening Ride with campers cruising through some longer trails on the property at dusk before heading back to the barn to enjoy S’mores around a campfire.

It was a great day, please enjoy the (late) pictures and we will see you back tomorrow!


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