So Much More Than Fun…

Pictures from June 9, 2010 (password required)


What a great day we had today.  Even though it was mostly overcast, the day was perfect for physical activity. Not to hot with a wonderful breeze for the sailors. It is amazing how much can happen in just a few short days at camp.  The boys are learning so much and have so much fun doing it.  We had several trip out today including caving, rock climbing, and whitewater canoeing on the Green.

Today at morning freetime I wandered into the middle of camp with a bag of golf discs and simply shouted out to see if anyone wanted to play.  Turner was my first taker.  We played through the first hole and were joined by staff member Nicholas Colston, who asked if he could join.  After a couple more holes campers Lucas and Kevin joined us.  Before we knew it, everyone was cheering and encouraging each other. What a wonderful time to hang out with the guys and just enjoy each other’s company.  We finished the front nine just before lunch and had a blast! It sure gave me a good feeling about camp

So camp has a lot of moments of fun and good times like that, but fun is not the only thing that is happening here.  It is incredible how much these boys will learn in three weeks.  As I go around and visit each activity, I see guys building on what they learned the day before and using it right away.  I see canoes going where they want to go, climbers reaching higher, and archers moving closer to the ten ring.  For some of these guys these learned skills give them opportunities to get out on trips.  This is where many of the boys want to be.  Over the next couple weeks the boys will put together that the skills they learn in camp are directly linked to the skills they need on the river, trail, or rock.  It’s all about the skills and progression, not just a guided tour.

The best thing I saw in camp today was over at the climbing tower.  Of course, they were learning new skills like everyone else in other activities, but one of the skills they were learning had nothing to do with making them climb better.  Belaying…preventing the fall of another camper while they climb up the wall through a system of ropes, harnesses and a little friction.  One camper asking if there “belay is on,” while another commits to the climber that “belay is on,” agreeing to hold him if he falls. This simple contract creates an amazing amount of trust and understanding between the two climbers.  What a skill; learning to be the safety net for another person.   Now, just so everything is sorted and straight while they are learning, we always have a back-up belayer and a staff member right next to them.  So parents you can breathe easy.  But just so you know, this backup is almost never needed.  The boys can do it all and they do!  Learning skills experientially in a supportive environment where each person learns to count on the other.  So much more than fun…

Tonight’s age group activities:

“Juniors”– (Hillside & Connestee) are headed out on a cabin overnight
“Middler 1”– (Lakeside & Foxhollow) are going off the water slide
“Middler 2” – (Flattop & Chalet)Chalet is playing capture the flag.  Flattop is headed out on a cabin overnight
“Upper Middlers” – (Windswept & Outpost)  are in the gym for some dodgeball
“Seniors” – (Halfway) & “Upper Seniors” – (Lookout) are participating in canoe fill-ups

We just finished up evening snack with giant made-from-scratch snicker doodle cookies with a side of cold milk.  Heavenly!!!  What a way to end the day!

Tomorrow is another busy day with canoeing, mountain biking, rock climbing, and hiking all heading out for trips in the forest.   I will try to get some cameras out on these trips to see if we can catch them action.

Have a wonderful night. We are having an awesome time!  Feel free to touch base if there is anything you need.


Don Gentle
Associate Director

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