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Pancake Day!

Pictures from July 31, 2010 (password required) Years of history go into Saturday’s here at High Rocks.  For many years Sumner Williams (co-founder of Camp High Rocks) would make pancakes for all of camp on Saturday.  The tradition has been … »

A Busy Day at Camp!

Pictures from July 30, 2010 (password required) Last night a cool front passed through, so when we woke up this morning the air was a bit cooler, a bit drier and very blue. The change is welcome and just in … »

Cabin Overnights are in Full Swing

Pictures from July 29, 2010 (password required) I enjoy our morning assembly.  We sing fun songs and hear cabin inspection results.  I particularly enjoy some of our motion songs.  I like to lead the song “My Bonnie” with the twist of … »

High Ropes!

Pictures from July 28, 2010 (password required) Greetings from Camp High Rocks! The second full day of activities has been just that…full. All of the guys in Holiday Inn cabin spent the morning on the ropes course. Time spent on the ropes course … »

Let the Activities Begin!!

 Pictures from July 27, 2010 (password required) Hello from Camp High Rocks! Today is our first full day in activities, and camp is in full swing. You will see a lot of great pictures of the boys participating in their chosen … »

Opening Day!

Pictures from July 26, 2010 (password required) August 26, 2010 Opening Day!!! There has been plenty of excitement, smiles and fun to go around today. Add in a bit of nervousness about being in a new place that is soon replaced … »

Almost There!

 Pictures from July 22, 2010 (password required) Another great day at camp!  We still had a couple trips out today; one more climbing trip and one more paddling trip.  The mountain bikers continued to work on their “trials-style” obstacles and then … »

Camp Cup!!

Pictures from July 21, 2010 (password required) Since leaving the paddling program for the role of Head Counselor in the summers, it is rare that I get to join a river trip, so this week held quite a treat.  Townsend and … »

A Walk Around Camp

Pictures from July 20, 2010 (password required) Today’s blog comes to us from Ryan Donovan.  Ryan is head of the Mountain Biking Program here at High Rocks and is enjoying his fifth year in that role.  During the year Ryan works … »

Mondays Rock!

Pictures from July 19, 2010 (password required) Tonight we continue our “guest columnist” event as Chase Ferree takes the stage to write a little about camp from his  perspective.  Chase is a sophomore at the fine school of Washinton University (Wash. U.) in … »