Two Weeks of Fun and Adventure!

 Pictures from July 9, 2010 (password required)

Backpacking in Pisgah National Forest

The second week of tripping built to a crescendo today, and what a day!  In addition to the hikers who left yesterday and were still out in the Turkey Pen Gap area, a large group of rock climbers left early to take advantage of the North Face of Looking Glass Rock before the heat returned. Another crew of pretty advanced paddlers went to the steep and fast Section Nine of The French Broad River, and the mountain bikers sent a group to spend the day peddling in the Fawn Lake area of DuPont State Forest. For good measure, the boys in Hillside, who as mini-session campers will be leaving tomorrow, took their turn on the ropes course. Tonight they will also enjoy their Chill Night, going into Pisgah National Forest to Sliding Rock and topping the evening off with a trip to Dolly’s.

The late-morning free time period served as prelude to what is, rather surprisingly, one of the most eagerly awaited (by campers and staff both) events in all camp: Mini-corndog lunch! It’s hard to get campers in their seats before they are bounding back for more, and the seconds line moves in a tight circle. But rest hour looms to soothe, and today we had a real treat—a shower moved through while we were in cabins, with distant thunder for the sleepers, lower temperatures for all and a bit of rain that was especially welcome to the canoers.

In the afternoon, some soccer and tennis players went to Illahee, a nearby girls’ camp, for good-natured games with much excitement involved, because of the trip itself and also because Illahee will come to High Rocks tomorrow for our second square dance. Choice Period this afternoon was quieter than normal, because so many campers had withdrawn to prepare for Skit Night, where talent, near talent and much foolishness hold sway. Every cabin that chooses to participate lines up an act, gives it a name, signs up for the event and entertains the whole camp in the transformed dining hall. Chase Feree, a counselor who spent the last year studying stand-up comedy, and Andy Glass will emcee the evening.

I hope your day has been as enjoyable as the one we are having here.

Dan Noland

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