Pictures from July 2, 2010 (password required)

Surfin' on the Lower Green River!

What a great week!  We had another two paddling groups out today on the French Broad River for their first canoe trips.  Climbing had another group out in the forest today as well.  It wraps up our first week of the session with over 10 trips out of camp in four days.  Next week there will be over 30 trips out of camp! We will make a point of getting the cameras out so you all can enjoy some of the fun as well.

Life at camp is such a joy!  As I walked around today during choice period I had such a sense of wonder and pride; so many young men having fun doing great things together and being active.  There must have been over 50 people around the tennis courts either playing some sort of “round-robin” type game or just cheering for the next camper/counselor team playing their match.  There was probably another 25 guys playing on the disc golf course.  This activity has been a huge hit!  Every day at 12:30 or 5pm there are groups of guys getting together to enjoy a little disc golf.  We have had a few “hole in one” shots during the summer, but not one camper yet during the July Session.  We’ll keep you posted.

We opened up Lacrosse for the first time this session during choice period.  It looks like we should have a good amount of interest to get some games going.  The boys enjoyed the time ptichingm catching, and getting warmed up for some more play later next week.

I almost feel like playing taps every Friday night when the last van rolls up the drive.  As the song goes …all is well…safely rest…”  Everyone is home safe and ready to have a great weekend!  What a weekend we have in store!  It’s Independence weekend here at Camp High Rocks!  What a better way to celebrate our freedom than the freedom to move our bodies!  Run, dance, catch, jump, and swim; it’s going to be a blast! Tomorrow we will have many fun games at the barn, a fun-day at the climbing tower and then end the day square dancing with Rockbrook Camp. Sunday will be an all-day celebration ending with campfire and our very own fireworks show.  

We had to jump through a few hoops this year for our fireworks show since North Carolina increased the regulations beyond our relatively simple permit in the past.  Gordon Strayhorn from Camp Illahee and I found out just in time to get through the licensing requirements and be able to put on our shows.  Along with a fair amount of paperwork, we both spent an entire day in class learning about things that blow-up, and meeting a lot of folks that do that sort of thing.  Finally, we had to pass a state exam prepared by the state fire marshal.  You will be proud to know that we are both Certified Pyrotechnic Operators licensed by the State of North Carolina!  Even a card to prove it!  I think I might just drop the whole Associate Director thing and make that my title; it sounds way cooler…

I need to wrap up here.  I have to make sure I get my beauty sleep and be ready to head up to the kitchen in the morning.  I have been selected to help Dan Noland with Saturday pancakes.  It’s been a few years since I have been invited back to the duty and I want to have a good show.  I hope everyone is having as much fun as we are here at camp! Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the pictures!


Don Gentle
Licensed Pyrotechnic Operator

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