Hot and Sunny!

Pictures from July 6, 2010 (password required)

What a beautiful day in camp!  It was a fairly warm day reaching close to 90 degrees, but the cool evening air came in around dinner time and made it feel wonderful.  Our humidity is pretty low, so there were no afternoon showers today and no sign of any in the near future.  Sunny skies for the next several days!  The paddlers are getting worried, but the climbers love it!

It was a very busy out of camp today.  We had two rock climbing groups in the forest, a fishing trip to Mills River, paddling on the Tuckaseegee River, a mountain biking trip to Dupont, and the three-day hike to Mount Mitchell that was still out.  That is quite a schedule!

The first fishing trip of the session tried their hand at some trout fishing on the North Mills River.  North Mills is a hatchery supported stream that is second only to the Davidson in popularity.  The boys enjoyed the scenery and a beautiful clear stream.  Unfortunately, the fish were on to us and we didn’t land a single trout.  The boys still had a good time playing in the stream.  Sometimes the best laid plans work out that way.  You have huge plans for catching trout, but the boys actually enjoyed playing with the landing net trying to catch minnows.  They did a pretty good job; on several occasions brought in a few wild rainbow minnows about as big as your pinky finger.

Things in camp are still kicking along as well.  A new group of guys are working out their plans in the wood shop. Their ideas will soon take form in the next couple of days.  Hiking had an afternoon excursion up to Rocky Top Bald, a beautiful granite bald right here on the property.  Tennis continued on with the camper/counselor tournament.

Our new “choice period” has really added a whole new component to our in-camp program.  We used to call 5-6pm “freetime,” but this year we have added some “choices” for the guys, which has really added some excitement in camp.  The boys can still choose to hang out, but we also give them cool things to do like lacrosse, disc golf, bouldering, and the game room.  We also schedule fun games on the field like kickball, croquet, or even bocce.  Some choices have also included out of the ordinary things like today’s event…Improv.  Yep, we had our own little improve session up in the lodge today.  I have not heard how it turned out.  We will keep you posted. 

Tonight’s pictures include most all of the cabin group shots.  There are still a couple that we have to shoot; those will be up shortly.

Have a wonderful night!


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