A Busy Day at Camp!

Pictures from July 30, 2010 (password required)

Paddling on the French Broad River

Last night a cool front passed through, so when we woke up this morning the air was a bit cooler, a bit drier and very blue. The change is welcome and just in time, because, as you will see, today was our busiest yet!

Right after breakfast, the hiking staff took a group of boys to adjoining DuPont State Forest, a wonderful “neighbor” with over 10,000 acres of woods, many different trails and several amazing waterfalls. Our hike went to the top of High Falls, on the Little River, then down on the left side to Triple Falls. Both of these were featured in the movie “The Last of the Mohicans.” After eating their lunch out, the hike returned to camp in time for afternoon activities. The canoeing staff sent a group to a nearby beginner section of the French Broad River, with enough whitewater to test their new skills in keeping boats straight and turning them quickly when necessary. The Rock Climbers took a group to the Cathedral Rocks, a series of large boulders on the side of Rich Mountain above camp, where they had their first experience climbing on rock instead of a wall. The fissures and textures of this granitic Gneiss offer an appropriate challenge for the guys who have mastered the basics of climbing. Of course, the boys still in camp were busy as usual with the full range of daily activities.

Trips Today:

  • Two river trips paddled on the French Broad River
  • A day hike went to DuPont State Forest. 
  • Two climbing trips visited the “High Rocks”
  • The campers from Outpost Cabin were on the High Ropes Course this afternoon

Tonight’s after-dinner activities:

  • “Insane Cow Posse” (Hillside & Connestee) are on cabin overnights
  • “Prevaricating Platypuses” (Lakeside, Foxhollow) Foxhollow is playing a game on the Soccer Field, Lakeside is on a cabin overnight
  • “Tasty Taco Squad” (Flattop & Chalet) Flattop is on a cabin overnight, Chalet is joining Foxhollow on the Soccer Field.
  • “Rabid Monkeys” (Windswept & Outpost) are going down the waterslide!
  • “Kings of Leon – – itis” (Halfway, & Pinnacle) are in the gym.
  • “Atomic Hippie Squad of Justice” (Holiday Inn & Lookout)  are playing a game on the Activity Field.

The Ropes Course finishes with a 450' ride down the zip line!!

After lunch, another group of paddlers went to the French Broad, another group of rock climbers went to the Cathedral Rocks, and Outpost Cabin had its turn on the Ropes Course. The hikers went to what we call Polar Bear Falls, a smallish but very refreshing waterfall on High Rocks property. During the afternoon choice period before supper, we opened our rope swing for the first time this session, to the two oldest age groups. It’s both entertaining and gratifying to watch as they first build their courage and then try to get in as many swings as they can. At the same time, the youngest boys were finding their gear, packing their packs, struggling into them and then heading out for their cabin overnights. As they hike away to the shelters, all that’s visible of some of them are their feet below overstuffed backpacks.

Lakeside I & II getting ready to head out on their cabin overnight

Four days into this session, we have settled into a familiar, comfortable and busy rhythm. It won’t be long after our nacho snack tonight that all will be in bed, tired from the day, falling asleep to the katydid chorus then dreaming of the pancake breakfast to come tomorrow.

Good night.

Dan Noland

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