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Pictures from July 19, 2010 (password required)

Tonight we continue our “guest columnist” event as Chase Ferree takes the stage to write a little about camp from his  perspective.  Chase is a sophomore at the fine school of Washinton University (Wash. U.) in Missouri.  He has been a camper for five years and is now in his second summer as a staff member. I hope you enjoy what he has to say. -Don Gentle

To think that we’ve got fewer than five full days left at camp is absolutely mystifying. Though this is my second summer here as a staff member and my seventh at High Rocks, I’m still so surprised at how the end of the session just sneaks up on all of us!

All is well, though, as this session draws near to its close. As Don said yesterday, the three-day climbers are enjoying some sweet climbs out at the Red River Gorge, for their first full day of climbing. Paddling’s got two trips out, mountain biking one, and there’s going to be a great two-day hike going out tomorrow. I’ll be leading that last trip to Slate Rock in Pisgah along with another hiking counselor, Peter Kleinhenz (also our fishing head). Pete has extensive knowledge and experience working with reptiles and amphibians in his native Ohio; those of you with kids who have been on one of his trips should check out the pictures they’ve taken of these amazing creatures! If we’re lucky, there are a couple of species of salamander I hope we’ll come across in the next two days.

With so many campers and staff out on trips, there are only a few times during the session during which everyone is in camp – usually just Saturday and Sunday. These days are often two of the most fun per week, and the past weekend was no exception. This past Saturday night was marked by a particularly excellent (and globalized) square dance with Keystone Camp; at the end of the festivities nearly every one of their campers performed a dance to the song “Jai Ho” from the movie Slumdog Millionaire – the song had hardly to begin before our guys jumped in with them. And of course, Sunday’s Olympics were another highlight. As one of the Ghostbusters, I must say both Will McDonough, with his note-perfect Ghostbusters attire, and Peter, who portrayed Kentucky’s Turtle Man to brilliant effect, stole the show. And, as always, Sunday night was capped with a wonderful campfire and several stories from Dan Noland, who always knows how to captivate the campers.

After the busy weekend, we were all looking forward to a return to routine; today has been great for that. It’s also been a particularly beautiful day around camp; though it started off with some rain, keeping things cool, it was hardly noon before everything began to brighten up. The afternoon clouds are in gorgeous formation outside, preparing for what should be an excellent sunset, and the lake is alive with all sorts of activity. If you listen hard when you’re down on the waterfront, you can hear the “pocks” of tennis balls coming from the courts, where more than a few matches are going on. The camper-counselor tennis tournament is coming close to its end, with some more matches today during Choice Period, and I’m hoping the final will be a match for the ages (I know who I’m rooting for!).

For the Monday starting the last week of camp, I don’t think we could ask for a better one. I’m definitely looking forward to what’s shaping up to be one of the best weeks of the summer! Take care and have a great night!


Chase Ferree

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