Opening Day!

Pictures from July 26, 2010 (password required)

Each age group picked a group name tonight that they will use all session. This group is the "Insane Cow Posse"!!

August 26, 2010

Opening Day!!! There has been plenty of excitement, smiles and fun to go around today. Add in a bit of nervousness about being in a new place that is soon replaced by the bonds of new friendships and you start to discover what camp is all about. Many of the boys in this session are at camp for the first time so it takes a day or two to develop a routine & be comfortable with their new surroundings. We do our best to keep them active right from the start to ease the transition.  Your sons, our campers, are now making independent decisions and learning much more than the skills they attain in the activities.  Each of the campers is having fun while taking some first steps towards independence.

The campers have already visited each of the activity areas and have just finished picking their activities. Tomorrow (Tuesday) will be the first full day of activities. I will send your initial letter from camp tomorrow that tells you a bit about your son’s counselor and the activity choices of your son. If you haven’t had a chance to look over our wonderful staff yet, be sure to see our 2010 summer staff page.

Please remember not to send packages of any sort, but letters and emails are encouraged. Packages will not be delivered to campers (if there is a birthday, call us for instructions). If you need to send a forgotten item of clothing, medication, etc, call our office first & then send the item to the attention of our office staff. Our office staff will open the package & deliver the item.  When sending letters and emails to your son it is helpful to ask about the fun things at camp rather than dwell on how much he is missed at home! 

Enjoy the pictures- we will try to post by 9pm each day, but it can be much later, or even the next day. Sometimes the pictures are from the previous day, sometimes they are from earlier in the same day.  We tried to take a bunch today (~230).  On most days we will upload around 100-150 pictures.

We’re looking forward to a great session. Be sure to visit often to check out pictures as the session progresses.

Take care,

Hank Birdsong
Camp Director

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