Playing Tennis with a Broom!!

Pictures from July 5, 2010 (password required)

We awoke this Monday morning to a beautiful day and many campers heading out on trips.  Two river trips to the Upper and Lower Green River, caving, climbing two day trip, mountain biking in Dupont and a middler/upper middler three day hike.  In camp activities were busy as well. The camper-counselor tennis tournament featured a match with one team using brooms because they are so skilled they needed a handicap against the other team.  It was quite impressive but the stroke does not resemble tennis at all!  It is all in good fun and in the spirit of deemphasizing competition and encouraging participation and good sportsmanship.

Tonight the Upper Seniors are headed out to chill night.  This is a trip to Sliding Rock in Pisgah Forest followed by a coveted trip to Dolly’s Ice Cream Stand.  The boys really enjoy this evening and “chilling” out together.  Each age group will have an opportunity to do this.

As we begin our second week, I can’t help but think this is such a great group of campers and we have them for such a short time.  So much can be accomplished in their time at camp from personal growth, friendships, advancement in skill level to development of independence and confidence.  There is a lot packed into their time here and we hope they are accomplishing all of their goals.  We are here to help them to just that.  If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to drop us a line.

I’d better run now.  My tennis match is in ten minutes.  I feel sorry for my partner as I am his handicap!

Have a nice evening.


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