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Last Day of Starter Camp!

Pictures from August 13, 2010 (password required) What a great week we’ve had with a group of campers completely new to High Rocks!  We are ending the week with a campfire story told by long-time staff member Dan Noland.  We … »

Cabin Overnights

Pictures from August 12, 2010 (password required) Another great day in camp!  The boys spent some more time in horseback riding, climbing on the tower, hiking, and canoeing this morning and afternoon.  Our morning choice period had options including the … »

Milk and Cookies!!!

  Pictures from August 11, 2010 (password required) Today started off with cabin pictures before breakfast (which will explain some of the bed head in the pictures).  Morning assembly was rocking now that the boys have learned some of the camp … »

An Entire Day of Fun!!

 Pictures from August 10, 2010 (password required) This was the first full day of Starter Camp and the boys didn’t waste any time.  With some guys waking up pretty early, we had a bright and early start. The wake-up bell … »

Starter Session is Off & Running!!!

 Pictures from August 9, 2010 (password required) Opening Day!!! There has been plenty of excitement, smiles and fun to go around today.  Some of the biggest smiles were seen after the “Basic Lake Test”, or BLT for short.  You’ll see … »

Two weeks has flown by!

 Pictures from August 5, 2010 (password required) It was counselor-camper t-shirt swap day today- you will see several pictures of staff members with undersized t-shirts on and campers with oversized t-shirts.  Friday is our last program day.  We will have … »

Only 3 Days Left… I Want to Stay Longer!

Pictures from August 4, 2010 (password required) Wednesday dawned a bright, sunny day with unaccustomed silence before the wake up bell.  These boys are working hard!  With today being one of the last two tripping days, campers were off in … »

Rock Climbing at Camp High Rocks

Pictures from August 3, 2010 (password required) Hey everybody!  This is Chris Dorrity, the director of the climbing program here at Camp.  I have the honor of working in the area of camp which includes the tallest structure in camp, … »

Trips, Trails, and Ropes

Pictures from August 2, 2010 (password required) Today the campers were off and running with their activities.  In addition to the regular activities we had trips out in Mountain Biking, Rock Climbing, Canoeing, and Hiking.  The Mountain Bikers went to … »

Carnival Sunday and More!

  Pictures from August 1, 2010 (password required) I woke up this morning to a cool mountain fog.  One of those somewhat cloudy and a little foggy mornings we have here in the mountains; it is these days that give … »