An Entire Day of Fun!!

 Pictures from August 10, 2010 (password required)

Making tie-dye t-shirts in crafts

This was the first full day of Starter Camp and the boys didn’t waste any time.  With some guys waking up pretty early, we had a bright and early start. The wake-up bell rings at 7:45am & it takes the early risers a day or two to adjust.  The extra time did result in some very clean cabins to begin the day!

The morning was a rotation of Canoeing, Climbing, Horseback Riding, and the High Ropes Course.  On the lake, the canoers learned how to begin handling a tandem boat with a partner using forward strokes, the rudder, and many draws and cross-draws to get back on course. With a whole lake to explore, the learning happens almost without their knowledge as each cove or fish habitat presents a goal to reach and fresh motivation to paddle hard. Of course, after such exertion, the only suitable way to cool off is to flip your boat and swim it back to the dock, truly a favorite pastime here at camp.

In Climbing, the guys put on their harness and helmet, and then assaulted the three outside walls of our tower. The beginner wall starts with a sloped bottom half and tons of handholds to allow campers to gain a feel for climbing without causing too much stress searching for a spot for a hand or toe.  Soon the group was on to the intermediate side which was a much greater challenge and one the campers loved tackling.  With two guys climbing on each wall at the same time, there is time to rest tired muscles and cheer from the ground while the two climbers help each other through their difficulties much higher up.

Down at the barn, the Horseback Riders learned to lead each of their mounts out of the stall and down to a ring for the first time. There the riders mounted and worked on controlling the horse while moving around the ring. The size of the animals was the first hurdle for many of the guys, but once they felt the reins control this huge creature they were pumped!

Horseback riding began today

The High Ropes takes place over a two-hour block for one cabin at a time. The boys practice some trust exercises on the ground before climbing up ladders to the platform fifty feet in the air.  From the platform, they begin working around the elements by balancing on wires, crossing bouncy bridges, and cruising over a large telephone pole. To finish, each camper gets hooked onto a 450′ zip line and shoots off the tower to the group waiting below.

This afternoon was a similar selection to make sure all the cabins had a crack at each activity, with a little bit of Archery and Riflery thrown in. It amazes me at how focused these otherwise super-energetic guys can be while they are controlling their breathing and aiming for the bulls eye.  At the end of each hour, everyone was looking for people to check out their targets with much commotion over just about any bullet hole in the paper.

In the Choice Periods today there was Swimming, the Rock-It, Tie Dye shirts, Tennis, the Rope Swing, Sailing, a Hike to the Cathedral Rocks, and dozens of fish caught (some fish repeatedly jump on the hooks). The boys really enjoy getting a constantly changing menu of choices each morning and afternoon.  Some have found the waterfront and do not ever leave while others are all over the place, sometimes trying two activities in one hour. 

There are two age groups consisting of the two youngest and two oldest cabins. Today they came up with a name and cheer for their own group. Now, Hillside and Lakeside are the “Sidewinders” while Foxhollow and Flattop are the “Thunder Cats”.  This evening, the Sidewinders are in the gym playing several versions of dodgeball while the Thunder Cats are launching themselves off of the waterslide.  With huge soft Pretzels for snack before showers, the guys are heading back to the cabins worn out, excited, and ready for another early wake up!

Thanks for checking in, enjoy this evening’s pictures, and we will see you back here tomorrow.

Woody Noland

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