Milk and Cookies!!!

  Pictures from August 11, 2010 (password required)

Today started off with cabin pictures before breakfast (which will explain some of the bed head in the pictures).  Morning assembly was rocking now that the boys have learned some of the camp favorite songs.  Many slept in a little later this morning now that they are starting to get a feel for the routine and are quite tired from the days before.

Activities this morning consisted of Archery & Riflery, Ropes course (for Hillside), Horseback Riding, and Canoeing.  Today during their morning choice period the boys got to choose one from the following, Rope Swing, Canoeing (for those that just can’t get enough), Fishing ( those fish just keep biting thankfully), and Tie Dye.  It is often a hard choice with so many fun activities and luckily they will have a couple more days to experience more!

The afternoon the boys rotated between Hiking, Climbing and Horseback Riding and Lakeside got their turn on the Ropes Course.  The afternoon choice period had options of Swimming (including the Rock-it), Sailing, Tennis, and Soccer.  It has been fun to watch the boy’s branch out a little bit more as the session progresses.  Some of the boys were a little hesitant with activities at the beginning and now are charging full steam ahead with every new challenge. 

Tonight for Evening Activity we had a High Rocks Olympics of sorts.  Each cabin group represented their own country with names like the Federation of Hillside, St. Lakeside Island, Republic of Foxhollow and The Flattopian Territory.  The campers got to design their own flag and march in with their cabin to the games.  Each “country” participated in games like the “water bomb launch” where they got to heave water “bombs” at the counselors.  They also got to experience other field games and obstacle courses.  It was a big hit with the boys as you might imagine!

After all of the excitement of the Olympic Games the boys got to enjoy fresh baked cookies and milk before heading back to the cabin for showers and cabin meetings to find out the highlights and challenges of the day.  Nothing like a busy, sweaty day, followed by milk, cookies, and a hot shower.  Finally, turning in with the distant sounds of crickets and cadidids in the cool mountain air. 

I hope that you are enjoying the pictures again tonight and we will have more for you tomorrow!

Until then,

Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle

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