Two weeks has flown by!

 Pictures from August 5, 2010 (password required)

It was counselor-camper t-shirt swap day today- you will see several pictures of staff members with undersized t-shirts on and campers with oversized t-shirts. 

Camper-Counselor t-shirt swap was a hit!

Friday is our last program day.  We will have regular activities and several special activities going on (be sure to ask your son if he painted a pony).

What’s Next? I always have parents ask about the difference between our two-week session and our longer sessions. The two-week session is meant as an introductory camp experience and all of the trips during a two-week session are beginner level trips. In every session our goal is to have a progression of building skills in the activities. When boys move on to longer sessions as they get older, we are able to build on their previous experiences and keep them at an appropriate level of challenge.

Climbing a short, low-angle, rockface in the two-week session

 The older campers in our four-week session, shown below, began their High Rocks careers climbing the same climb our two-week campers were on yesterday, shown above. Another huge benefit to longer sessions is the social experience the campers have within the cabin groups. For us, a camp experience should be fun, but we also want our campers to grow socially and to become more independent as a result of the experience.


In the three and four-week session the climbs are steeper . . .


. . . and longer!!

High Quality pictures– Some parents have been asking about getting copies of the pictures that are a higher quality than what we load on the net. We will have pictures from this session (almost 2,000 that are about ten times the resolution of the website pictures) available for sale on “thumb” drives.  For those of you that pre-ordered the thumb drives, they will be enclosed in your check-out envelope on parent’s day.

Today’s outings– There were several trips out today, including: a French Broad River canoeing trip; an overnight hiking trip; a “Pilot Rock” climbing trip; and an all-day hike.  The guys in Hillside were on the Ropes Course this morning.

Parent Day– Parent’s day will begin at 10 AM on Saturday. Please plan to arrive around 9:30, but Please not before 9:15!! Our counselors will not be ready to load trunks and the campers will still be in assembly until 9:45. Each camper will be able to demonstrate the activities of his choice, so plan to stay until noon and join us for lunch. If you were not planning to stay for lunch originally, don’t worry- we always plan for extra.

One last reminder- please do not send any more mail, it will not arrive before closing day! (it is fine to send emails)

Enjoy today’s pictures, it is the last batch for the session and each camper is shown at least once!

Hank Birdsong
Camp Director

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