Center For Dialogue Partners With Camp High Rocks

The Center for Dialogue sponsors an after-school homework club for children not served by other afterschool programs, working with students with homework and providing good citizenship training and activities.

Generally, the children who are of middle school age also participate helping younger children with their homework.  This summer The Center for Dialogue sent William Lucas, a Brevard Middle School student and homework club member, to Camp High Rocks for three weeks.  Lucas was selected from among the homework club members by Ren Uriarte, youth services director for the center. 

The center partnered with Camp High Rocks and the Community Foundation of Western North Carolina, which provided the funding for this camp experience, to select a : deserving local youth who would benefit from a scholarship to attend Camp High Rocks, a residential adventure camp.

High Rocks is a place for fun and learning, for challenge and adventure, and for living in an environment that is geared to a camper’s needs and interests. Aided by a well-trained staff, the camp seeks to teach and to inspire lasting skills and values.

It offers ongoing opportunities for success, freedom from inhibiting competitive pressure, and daily instruction in activities which promote rapid development of skills, increased self-esteem and a sense of community.

Lucas took advantage of the opportunity to be at a place like High Rocks. He immersed himself in camper activities – becoming a better than proficient paddler and an excellent Frisbee golfer.

After camp, Lucas reported: ‘I liked High Rocks. It was fun and had a lot of activities you could do.

“The food was good. I would like to go back. It gives kids something better to do with summer.”

He seems to have grown from spending three weeks away from home. His mother, ,Taresa Yates, said, “Camp High Rocks was a wonderful experience for my son. He really enjoyed it.  It was like he came home from camp a ‘new man.’ Now he’s .making his own bed and doing all of his chores without complaining.  He’s even bonding with his younger brother. We are looking forward to camp again next year.”

“The Center for Dialogue served 657 Transylvania County youths in its . Youth Services Program for fiscal year 2009-10,” said Uriarte.  “We provide peer mediator training, guided problem solving, small groups discussions, attendance’ groups for youths demonstrating truancy tendencies, youth mediation, PACES, and homework club activities.

“We also work with Sheriff Mahoney at his summer SHIELD CAMP and the Dare Camp program, as well as several other summer camps focusing on leadership and conflict resolution skills.”

For more information about the center or its youth services call Ren Uriarte at 877-3815 ext. 24 or visit

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