Our Newest Horse at High Rocks

Buckwheat and Townsend getting to know each other.

You will all be very excited to see our new horse, Buckwheat, at the barn this coming summer.  According to many, he is the sweetest horse we have.  But before you make any assumptions, let me tell you a little more about the behemoth horse.  According to sources down at the barn (Blaire Cannon), Buckwheat is a Clydesdale-Cross measuring in at 18.2hh (hands) at the shoulders.  For the civilian, that comes in at about 76 inches or about six feet just at the shoulder!  That means the saddle is nearly six feet off the ground! His feet are about the size of a standard dinner plate. 

We got Buckwheat from the horse community down the mountain in Tryon, North Carolina.  He is currently 15 years old.  For the last 10 years he was a hunt horse (fox hunting); two years before that he did stadium jumping.  That doesn’t mean he jumped over stadiums (I bet he could), but rather he jumped fences that were about 4 feet high.

Woody on Buckwheat and JD on Calico

Everyone has been very excited about his wonderful demeanor.  He is such a nice horse.  On a funny note, I actually caught him in his stall reaching for hay out of the loft one day.  He actually can reach to the hay loft and eat the hay.  That is amazing!  We could probably put a whole junior cabin on his back and he wouldn’t even notice.  Get excited about Buckwheat he will win you over in just a few minutes.  I think Hank even likes him and he is less than a horse fan.

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