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Cabin Night

Pictures from June 29, 2011  (password required)  Today was the last full day of activities.  It was still a jam packed day with one last caving trip, two rock climbing trips, a Green River trip, and an all-day hike!  It sure … »

Still Kickin’ at Camp

Pictures from June 28, 2011  (password required) Camp is drawing to a close soon, but the activities are still going full steam!  Today there are two hikes out, a 2-day climbing trip is finishing up at Obed, there is a whitewater trip … »

One Big Final Week

Pictures from June 27, 2011  (password required) Even though we are starting to hit the countdown, there is a lot of awesome stuff happening in camp this week.  Many activities are sending out some advance trips.  The boys have been working … »

Medieval Sunday!!!

Pictures from June 26, 2011  (password required) I know it is hard to break tradition, but after years and years of Olympics, we decided to try it a little different this year.  Now before all you traditionalist start picking up the … »

Super Saturday

Pictures from June 25, 2011  (password required) What a day we had in camp!  Each of the activities had special theme days going on throughout camp today. There was a whole lot of hoopla going on!  The weather was perfect all … »

Bring on the weekend!

Pictures from June 24, 2011  (password required) Another beautiful day at Camp!  As we near the second week of camp I cannot believe how much action we have packed into that time.   Today we had another five trips head out of … »

Just a Drop of Rain

Pictures from June 23, 2011  (password required) This morning’s rain provided some welcome cooler temperatures and a change of pace for many of the activities.  Hiking decided to embrace the rain with hikes in search of puddles and mud (in their … »

Camp is for the Camper

 Pictures from June 22, 2011  (password required) Camp can be such wonderful place for building a child’s confidence.  It offers children challenges and opportunities to set goals, and through the process of skills building, they accomplish things they did not believe … »

Another Awesome Day at Camp

Pictures from June 21, 2011  (password required) It’s hard to believe we are almost halfway through the session.  Tomorrow is “bed switch” day so everybody that didn’t get a coveted top bunk on opening day will get their chance.  Tonight at … »

High Rocks Staff Make the Difference

Pictures from June 20, 2011 (password required) A special salute to all of the hard working High Rocks staff!  We spend a lot of time finding our staff year after year. More importantly, we work tirelessly on keeping our staff coming … »