Pictures from June 14, 2011 (password required)

The rope swing is a popular evening activity!!

As I approached the dining hall this morning (before the wake-up bell) I was struck by the silence.  It was a chilly morning, which is normal for us.  There were the sounds of a few squirrels that were taking advantage of Tsali’s absence and there were birds chirping, but no camper sounds.  That meant we had an active day on Monday!

Now that we’re a few days into the session, the campers are settling in to camp life.  The cabin is home, the bed is theirs, and a routine has begun.  Things are beginning to be familiar.  A community is forming.  Skills are on the rise in the activities.  Friendships are developing.  We’re having fun!

You’ll notice that several of our horses look like “Court Jesters” today.  The ear covers are to help keep flies away, but they do look funny!

It isn’t unusual for campers to feel a bit of homesickness early in a camp session.  Woody Noland, one of our Head Counselors, has a few words to share regarding “homesickness”-

Hopefully, many of you will be receiving letters from camp soon. I expect that they will be full of stories about friends, activities, and counselors. It is also possible that letters have been sent home telling of homesickness. Please don’t let those letters alarm you. The first few days of camp can be a challenging adjustment for many children, and some feelings of homesickness are completely normal. A few of the boys were feeling like this during the first couple of nights of camp, but most of them are loving camp now that they are into the full swing of things. Part of my job is to make sure everyone is having the best camp experience possible. I have been checking up on the boys and will continue to do everything in my power to insure that each boy here has a terrific session. If you have any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to email me at I would be more than happy to check up on your child and get back to you. Hank wrote an article on homesickness a few years ago that was published in several periodicals, including the “Blue Ridge Outdoors” summer camp edition. The article can been seen at

If you do happen to receive a letter from camp that indicates homesickness, here are some suggestions of what to include in your response (we suggest an email or fax so it gets to your son quickly): 

  • We understand you are missing home- it is normal
  • We are proud of you
  • Concentrate on staying active
  • Read a book or play cards during quiet times
  • Talk to Woody, Dan or your counselor about your feelings
  • We’ll see you on parent’s day

Tonight we had a few age groups head out on their cabin overnights.  Over the next several days every cabin group will venture into the woods for their overnight.

Tonight’s age group activities:

“The Puddle Pals”  (Hillside & Connestee ) Waterslide!!
“The Hobbits” (Lakeside & Foxhollow) – Are on the cabin field
“The Flying Cheesecakes” (Flattop & Chalet) – Flattop is on their cabin overnight, Chalet is playing group games on the Activity field
“The Titans” (Windswept & Outpost) – Outpost is on their cabin overnight, Windswept is playing group games on the Activity field
“Group 7” (Halfway & Lookout) – Are playing group games in the gym
 “Shallow Pop Culture Reference” (Pinnacle & Holiday) – Headed into the wood on their cabin overnights

Check out – it is a summer camp humor page.  Right now it shows a picture from last summer at High Rocks.  Take a look at previous entries for other funny letters home, pictures and postcards.  If you have a funny letter you have received from camp, scan it & submit it to CampPage!

Tomorrow there are trips leaving camp to go climbing, caving & canoeing plus the cabin overnights continue.

Enjoy today’s pictures!  It was another active day.  I anticipate another quiet morning tomorrow.

Take care,

Hank Birdsong

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