Camp is for the Camper

 Pictures from June 22, 2011  (password required)

Camp can be such wonderful place for building a child’s confidence.  It offers children challenges and opportunities to set goals, and through the process of skills building, they accomplish things they did not believe they could.   For some this is about accomplishing a certain skill like climbing to the top of the tower or riding a large horse.  For others it is less about the activity and more about the friendships and independence gained from being away from home and making decisions about what they want to accomplish.  That independence is a lifelong skill they feel each day forward.  Success for children comes in different ways and we hope that when they go home they are proud of their accomplishments and pleased with their progress.

Today our temperatures moderated somewhat.  The sailors enjoyed the nice wind on the lake and the breeze was welcome all across camp.  We had a short bit of rain at rest hour, but the sun came right back out for our 3pm activity.  It was definitely another busy day at camp!

A group of paddlers went to the Green River Games this morning.  They will enjoy their time by showing off their whitewater skills, learning some new skills from professionals in the field, and get to meet some other pear campers from other area camps who are participating.  This is the second year at the GR Games.   The Games will wrap up with a dinner catered from Hubba Hubba Barbeque where all the guys will get to get to know each other, brag about their camp, say their goodbyes,  and maybe cross paths again someday on the river. 

Climbing headed to Stone Depot at Cedar Rock for a day long trip.  Stone Depot has some great views from the top, and offers a moderate challenge for beginner and intermediate climbers.  The tower was also busy with climbers as well.  The guys have started to learn a little bit about rappelling, and rope ascending.

Mountain Bikers darted out to DuPont State Forest once again for a full day on some world class mountain bike trails.  DuPont lies just behind our property, which allows for easy access and more actual riding than driving in the van. 

In crafts they were working on masks, candles and woodworking projects.  The lamps, tables, pet food bowl stands and shields are all very popular.  As I approached pottery this morning the sound of handmade clay whistles emanated from the basement of the gym.  They are very effective!

Tonight the youngest cabins (Hillside, Connestee, Lakeside, and Foxhollow) head to Sliding Rock and Dolly’s for ice cream on their “Chill Night”.   It will be a welcomed plunge into that chilly water of Looking Glass Creek that flows through the rock.   

The boys have been very focused on learning as much as they can in their activities and are reaping the rewards.  Out of camp trips, special evening picnic ride events on horseback, and tennis and soccer with camp Illahee this afternoon are jus t a few of the exciting things happening on the mountain.

We sure do enjoy watching these guys grow and learn.  Enjoy the pictures!

Townsend Birdsong

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