Happy Father’s Day

Pictures from June 19, 2011 (password required)

You never can tell what a Sunday will bring, or any day for that matter, to camp.  Of course we have a pretty strict schedule on most days, but even then the great things that come from camp are usually those gifts and events that are not on the schedule.  The five minutes in line at the dining hall with a counselor or maybe a special game at rest hour with a cabin mate.  What we get out of camp is way more than we can ever imagine.

This Sunday brought us Krispy Kreme doughnuts, an awesome morning service and skit centered on Shel Silversteing’s “The Giving Tree;” A wonderful children’s’ classic about unconditional love. We then had great fun with all sorts of amazing choice period options all morning long, and a lunch that kept on giving all the way into dinner.  The afternoon brought us fun hikes, field games, and a grand time on the waterfront with our age groups. Finally, we wrapped up the day with a campfire and story that couldn’t be beat.

On this special day for dads, I would personally like to say Happy Father’s day and thanks for letting your boys experience High Rocks.  We sure do enjoy their time here as much as they do…  There are some great photos from last night’s dance with Rockbrook.  Sorry we only captured the younger half.

Sweet Dreams,

Don Gentle

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