High Rocks Staff Make the Difference

Pictures from June 20, 2011 (password required)

A special salute to all of the hard working High Rocks staff!  We spend a lot of time finding our staff year after year. More importantly, we work tirelessly on keeping our staff coming back year after year.  Do you know that we have over 15 folks that have been with us ten years or more?  We have another 18 that have been on staff for at least five years.  Only a handful of these numbers are fulltime staff.  The bulk of these returners are seasonal, in the field, incredible staff that love teaching your son. So, if your son is having an exceptional time, it is probably due to the great mentors we have in place for him to learn from. Not only are they great at what they can teach, they really enjoy working with kids, particularly your kids.

We had a lot of guys out today.  Eight trips out of camp today including a three-day backpack to Upper Pisgah, climbing at Cedar Rock, 2 French Broad canoe, caving in Worley’s, mountain biking in DuPont, swimming at Hooker Falls, and a special mountain bike “night ride” also went out a 8pm.  So, if we did not get a picture of your son, he was out having an incredible time on a trip.  We have some cameras out and will hopefully get some good shots.

Have a great night and enjoy seeing your boys learning from some of the best staff ever!

Don Gentle

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