It’s All About Independence

Pictures from June 16, 2011 (password required)

bouldering at Summer Camp

The bouldering cave is such a great place to practice climbing moves or just warm up.

Day 5 of camp and everyone has forgotten how life outside of camp works without a bell. Campers have gotten their activity schedules down to a science knowing exactly what items they need to bring and which activity switches allow enough time to grab a snack from the dining hall.  It is so fun to see campers taking control of their schedule and really taking control of their experience at camp. 

We had more trips out of camp today with a hiking trip that went to John’s Rock in Pisgah National Forest.  The camper’s got to enjoy a terrific view after a steep hike to the top.  Canoeing had two trips to the French Broad River today.  Rock Climbing had campers climbing at Horseshoe Rock.   The members of Windswept cabin got to enjoy the ropes course this afternoon.

The last of the cabin overnights headed out tonight with Foxhollow, Chalet, Connestee, and Windswept cabins.  The boys were excited as they loaded their packs with the ingredients for delicious pita pizza’s and smore’s.  Counselors trust the boys to carry most of the food items but volunteer to carry the chocolate bars just in case.  Tomorrow morning I am sure we will see a lot of sticky, dirt covered boys hiking back into camp with epic tales from their cabin overnight.

The boys have managed 5 days without electronic stimulation and really don’t seem to notice.  It is so fun to see these boys get into the flow of camp and experience so many new things.  New friendships are being formed both in the cabin and in activities.  The days have been packed with games and activities.  The busy days have made way for great sleeping on nice cool evenings.

I hope you will enjoy the pictures this evening!

Zoob Gentle

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