Just a Drop of Rain

Pictures from June 23, 2011  (password required)

North Carolina  Rock Climbing Camp

Topping out on Stone Depot, Cedar Rock, Pisgah National Forest

This morning’s rain provided some welcome cooler temperatures and a change of pace for many of the activities.  Hiking decided to embrace the rain with hikes in search of puddles and mud (in their oldest already dirty clothes of course).  Tennis took the opportunity to catch up on Wimbledon while they waited for the courts to dry.  Fishing worked on tying knots and other skills so that tomorrow when the fish are biting again they will be even more equipped to catch “Scar Face” our legendary bass in the High Rocks lake.  The rest of the morning activities were able to dust off rainy day activities but luckily the rain lasted only part of the morning.  By third period it was back to activities as usual. 

Canoeing took a trip to the Chattooga River in South Carolina.  It will be a beautiful and exciting trip for the boys today.  A group of climbers headed out for the Obed climbing area in Tennessee for a couple of days.  The good news about climbing in Obed is you can climb even in the rain due to the overhang of the rock.  Those climbers are always one step ahead!

Rest hour was spent with most cabins working on their ideas for skits since Friday night will be Skit Night.  It is always a great night full of outrageous costumes and lots of laughs.  I always look forward to seeing the campers and staff enjoying the zaniness of camp!

Enjoy the pictures and tune in for more action tomorrow night!

Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle

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