One Big Final Week

Pictures from June 27, 2011  (password required)

The Three-Day Hike heads out to High Pisgah!

Even though we are starting to hit the countdown, there is a lot of awesome stuff happening in camp this week.  Many activities are sending out some advance trips.  The boys have been working hard on their skills and are now seeing the fruits of their labor in great two-day climbs, three-day backpack trips, more advanced whitewater, and even awesome pottery that is finally ready to be glazed.  We are still full speed ahead with six trips out of camp today. 

It is one of my favorite times of the session to see the guys stuff come out of the kiln at pottery and ceramics.  They were getting ready to glaze several things and send them back in the kiln for one last fire in the next couple days!

Tomorrow hosts equal excitement with another full-load of trips out.  The arts and crafts guys are working on the finishing touches of their projects, and I even saw some guys working hard at the gates course this morning for a possible solo boat test.

We sure are having the time of our lives!  Looking forward to seeing all of you on parents’ day!

Don Gentle

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