Saturday Funday!!!

Pictures from June 18, 2011 (password required)

It’s Saturday!  This is such a fun day of the week – everyone is in camp today and each activity likes to do something fresh to spice things up a bit.  The climbers enjoyed a day of ascending the tower to the beat of techno music; canoeing played some fun lake games where the kids all got wet; hiking went Americana with “car camping day” where they cooked around a giant fire and two-burner stove with pie irons and hot dog sticks; the horseback riders had Gymkhana, where they play games on horseback and get to eat doughnuts; and the swimmers played a game of greasy watermelon (they also finished the melon off at the end of the hour).  All in all, it has been a busy and fun day.

Earlier I was thinking about what I should write about for the blog today.  My thoughts are that many of you have gotten letters home about camp, but that there are probably some boys who haven’t written home yet at all – so, this morning I sat down to chat with a random sampling of fellows so that I could pass the good word along.  Here is what they had to say:

John told me that climbing has been his favorite part of camp so far because he loves the feeling of being safe and also getting to do really awesome things.  When I asked him what he is looking forward to, he was quick to let me know that he is eagerly anticipating the 2-day climbing trip to the Obed in Tennessee.

Patrick immediately told me that horseback riding has been the highlight of his week.  He loves riding Thumper, Molly and Barclay and is very excited about going on a trail ride during his activity hour on Monday.

Blake couldn’t choose just one favorite part about camp – his answer included horseback riding, the Rock-it (our inflatable water attraction), climbing and tennis.  He’s really excited about the prospect of heading out of camp on both canoeing and climbing trips this week.

Scott had a hard time deciding his favorite part, but the first thing he came up with was how much fun he had on his cabin overnight to Rocky Springs shelter.  He is also really enjoying canoeing and looking forward to the Green River trip this week, but concluded his comment by saying, “I’m looking forward to everything!”

When I talked to Sam he told me that he liked all of his activities – not one in particular, he just liked them all.  He said that he is excited about going out on trips, especially when he’ll get to go out for some mountain biking.

Luke told me that he really likes going out on climbing trips, and that he enjoys having climbing in the morning because it’s a really good wake-up.  He is also planning on going on the 2-day Obed trip and is really excited about getting on the rock.

The last camper I got to talk to this morning was Max, who, I’d like to mention, I saw fold and throw a very impressive paper airplane a couple days ago.  His favorite parts of camp so far have been riflery and pottery.  For the week coming up, he is especially looking forward to doing a woodworking project.

I’m sure you can gather by the responses I got that the boys are staying active, having lots of fun, and getting to experience a lot of different things this session.  I expect that today will be awesome in camp – between the fun in activities, sodas at dinner and a square dance tonight, it’s hard to go wrong! 

I hope you all enjoy the pictures tonight – check in with us again tomorrow!

Crystal Clusiau

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