Super Saturday

Pictures from June 25, 2011  (password required)

Canoeing the Chattooga River

What a day we had in camp!  Each of the activities had special theme days going on throughout camp today. There was a whole lot of hoopla going on!  The weather was perfect all day.  What a blast!!! 

Climbing participated in the ever popular Pirate Day!  A ton of fun and wetness as the boys try to storm the castle/tower.  They love trying to get the staff with splash bombs while the tower keeprs dump water down the tower. It was “Biker Day” over at mountain biking.  The guys road around camp dressed up as cool bikers and bikes with that sweet playing card rat-tat-tat all over camp as they road from activity to activity with their chants. The barn was having another awesome gymkhana day that ended in super huge decorated molasses cookies.  Hiking had an orienteering course set up so the guys could practice their map and compass skills. Archery and Riflery had some cool target faces that resembled dart boards and tic-tac-toe.  The guys had to work hard to win the game, but it sure looked like a lot of fun.

As if that wasn’t enough we hosted Keystone Camp for a square dance tonight.  As we wrapped up activities for the day, we headed in for “beautification hour” where the boys got all washed up, put on clean clothes and readied themselves for the big dance.  The guys we superstars and the girls had a blast.

There is one more thing that will happen tonight that I will share with you and the boys don’t even know yet.  Just as we approach lights out tonight, we will start some music that will bring all the boys up on campfire hill marching in cabin by cabin.  This will be the kickoff for our Medieval Games that will happen all day on Sunday.  We will announce each team name and they will spend some time creating a coat of arms tomorrow.  Each team will have a flag that displays this coat of arms for the day.  The games begin in the afternoon including zany renditions of jousting, hammer throw, castle siege, and even a caber toss.  The pictures will give the scoop tomorrow.  We’ll keep you posted with the rest…shhhh, it’s a secret.

The pictures tonight have some trips from Friday including; caving, the two-day climb to Obed, the Chattooga River trip, and an all-day rock hop.  Have a great night!

Don Gentle

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