Beating the HEAT!!!

Pictures from July 13, 2011  (password required)

Another toasty one in camp today!  I know it is not nearly as bad as many of you, but a little toasty for us.   We expect it to cool off later this week. We have been working hard to beat the heat!  Yesterday, we had an awesome rock hop in High Pisgah that allowed us to cool off at higher elevations (4-5000ft) and the icy cold stream of East Fork of the Pigeon River.  The waterfront hosted a “Big Splash” contest which brought out several participants.  Even last night for evening activity.  The older guys finished up their field game, then proceeded to float around in the lake for about thirty minutes before coming up for snack.

All three backpacking trips have stayed up high to keep it cool this week.  It was a full 20 degrees difference between Brevard and Sam’s Knob where I dropped off the two-day hikers (who’s packs were bigger than they were) and picked up the three-day hikes today.  Even here at High Rocks, we are able to save about 5-8 degrees from Brevard.  There is almost a full 1000ft difference between camp and Brevard, which typically equals cooer temperatures.

This afternoon we had a special relaxation time at the waterfront during choice period.  It was complete with some sweet island music, excellent island punch drinks, inner tubes, floats, and some awesome water activities.

I played my tennis match today against “The Olympians” as they have named themselves.  Counselor Will McDonough and his partner Turner were quite the team complete with spirit and sportsmanship.  In the end Nicolas and I pulled it out to move to the next round.  Will played in his suit of armor which might be the first time that has happened anywhere!  Great fun and that is the whole point.

We had a group on the Green River where we also saw some Camp Keystone girls rippin’ it up on the river.  We had another caving trip go out this morning.  Talk about beating the heat!  What a great plan to hike where it’s a constant 60 degrees and muddy.  We also had a climb to Rumbling Bald rock located in the new Chimney Rock State Park.

Tonight the mountain bikers are heading out for a moonlight mountain bike ride.  They use headlamps and bike mounted lights to show the way.  The group will head out this evening to DuPont State Forest and ride the trails in the twilight, then wait for to ride them in complete darkness.  Quite fun!! 

As I was in camp today I was struck by how many boys this session have practically grown up with us.  It is a powerful thing to observe our older campers mentoring the younger boys and teaching them not only the skills of the activities but also passing along the culture of High Rocks.  It is what makes our camper group so awesome to have for this session.  The younger boys thrive on the older boy’s attention and one day will be responsible for passing it on.

Until next time enjoy the pictures.  We are having a Blast!!


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