Coming down the home stretch!

Pictures from July 26, 2011  (password required)

There are several trips out today, as there are on most days during this session.  A climbing trip is doing a big day trip on Looking Glass Rock.  They headed out early this morning to attempt a four pitch climb that tops out at around 450 feet.  I say “attempt” not because I have any doubt they have the ability, but rather because of the rain storms that can pop up most any afternoon.  As I write this blog at almost 9pm they haven’t yet returned, but I know they are down from the climb and safe.  They called from the local Subway to say they would be back late & were getting supper.  The part they didn’t mention, but I know to be fact, is that after Subway I’m sure they will drop by Dolly’s Ice Cream for a celebratory ice cream cone (on the camp account).  It’s great to see a van pull into the parking lot & watch a tired crew unload.  As soon as I approach the van, multiple faces light up & start telling me about their exploits.  That’s a normal day at camp- kids achieving something that they will remember for years to come. 

This evening I joined in on a few of the evening activities.  There was activity in the gym and at the waterfront & on three different activity fields.  My last stop was at the soccer field where I joined in on a game of “World Cup”.   I walked back in to the office to write this blog, covered in sweat to be greeted by my wife, Townsend.  She usually just shakes her head a bit after she ascertains that I’m not limping and I haven’t pulled anything that’s too important.

The Starter Session guys that arrived yesterday were going full-out whenever I saw them today.  You’ll see several pictures of those guys in today’s batch of pictures.

Just three more days of activities in this session.  The campers are looking forward to demonstrating activities to their parents on Saturday.  Plan to stay through lunch if you can- it is a fun morning & the campers love showing off what they have learned.

Take care,

Hank Birdsong

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