High Rocks Illahee Round Up

Pictures from July 10, 2011  (password required)

We had an awesome Sunday!  The weather held out for the most part allowing us to have our morning service by the lake and then some choice option for the rest for the morning.  I took the lead on the morning service and talk with the group about “What makes you tick,” a short lesson on figuring out what you like in life and then doing really well.  We had a great discussion on the necessity of trying things, overcoming fears, and getting the most out of camp.

I enjoyed my evening at Camp Illahee last night with the younger guys and girls.  It’s always a little more of a challenge, but I feel like everyone had a good time.  I always enjoy heading over to see my friends at Illahee and watch them put every little piece of white gravel back in place.  They work hard over there and it always looks beautiful. 

So after visiting with Laurie Strayhorn and Gretchen Greene last night, I got to spend some time with Gordon Strayhorn here at High Rocks for our annual High Rocks Illahee Game Day!  This event is an entire afternoon of fun and games with the girls from Camp Illahee.  We had a western sort of cowboy theme along with new games and events billed as the “High Rocks Illahee Round Up.”  We wrapped up the afternoon with an awesome cookout on the lawn and then it was time to say goodbye to the girls and get ready for campfire and the week ahead!

Don Gentle

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