Let Them Choose!

Pictures from July 14, 2011  (password required)

The two-day hike enjoying a little more of the forest before heading to Dolly's

It was a much cooler day in camp today with cloud cover and temperatures in the high 70’s.  The cooler weather was a welcome change from the warm temperatures earlier in the week.  I know some of you will be jealous of our temperatures and I remind you that the mountains are a wonderful place to be in the summer- coming from a girl that grew up in Columbia, SC!

Today was another busy day in and out of camp.  The paddlers went to section 9 of the French Broad River near Hot Springs.  The climbers went to the nose area of Looking Glass Rock in Pisgah.  The mountain bikers road in Dupont this afternoon.  The two day hike in upper Pisgah finished with a foggy morning hike to their pick up point.  This afternoon we had a large group of boys that headed over to Camp Illahee for tennis and soccer with the girls.  It was a popular event and the boys enjoyed the mixed company!  In addition to all the trips out of camp it was an active day in camp with an evening horseback ride in addition to regular scheduled activities.  Another busy but great day!

I was struck today about how many decisions the campers get to make for themselves on a daily basis.  From the simple decisions on wardrobe selection and what they will eat at mealtime to more complex decisions about arranging their activities and trips out of camp.  Many of the older boys have become pro’s at making sure they are getting their goals accomplished while they are here.  The younger campers often need a little more guidance and support from their counselor while being offered so many choices.  It is great to see the campers maneuver through the choices and learn more about themselves and what they really enjoy!  The beauty is that no on ever gets closed out of an activity at High Rocks.  There is always room for everyone!

We are excited to see what choices that campers will make tomorrow!  Until then I hope that you will enjoy the pictures this evening. 


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