Living with Simplicity

Pictures from July 09, 2011  (password required)

The Camper/Counselor Tennis Tournement in Full Swing

One of the cool things about camp is learning to live with a whole lot less.  Or at least a little less than what we are use to, and a lot less than we would like.  All of our possessions are packed into one trunk (mostly) and that is all we will have for an entire month.  We share a room with at least six other people.  We all share one bathroom (not all 140 of us…just 7).  We even live without television and electronics for the vast majority of our time.

This simplicity allows us to focus on each other and what else is around us.  It requires us to communicate with one another and even share.  When we all learn to live with a little less we have to work out a way that we can all have time with the limited resources.  Think about the last time you had to wait in line for a shower…  Our own simplicity at camp creates its own scenario and may arguably create the community we have here.  I’m certain the boys miss some of those things they have left back home, but I am also certain that doing so has created an opportunity for growth, interdependence, and a way to live a little different, even if just for a while.

We had an awesome day in camp today!  They were rockin’ it out down at the tower.  We had fun games on horseback down at the barn.  We cooked with Dutch ovens at hiking.  Canoeing had a blast down at the lake with In and Out practice, time in kayaks, and some even had a morning trip on the French Broad.  Archery played a little medieval style shooting event.  

We host the ladies of Camp Illahee tonight for the square dance.  The guys will shower early during “beautification hour” then get ready for the ladies to arrive!  The fun never ends here at camp!  Have a great night!

 Don Gentle

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