Medieval Day!

Pictures from July 17, 2011  (password required)

I know it is hard to break tradition, but after years and years of Olympics, we decided to try it a little different this year. Now before all you traditionalist start picking up the phone right now to call me let me tell you a little bit about the new format. It still has the same Olympic flair as the past, just a new twist and new games or “trials” as we call them.

As I mentioned last night, we started with an introduction for the boys with a cool march up campfire hill with tiki torches, music and mystery. Dan lead a “Council of the Elders of High Rocks” and explained how the boys would be training for “battle” and put through several “tests” that would help them with the potential future siege of their lands. It was super cool. We then started all the pageantry with skits and dialog (like past Olympics) that began after morning service. The “trials” began after lunch with events like jousting, mote crossing, the stone throw, the caber toss, dragon boat races, and even a castle siege.

The guys spent the rest of the morning making their flags and building their castles. Lunch was in pure medieval spirit with no silverware, and then the trials began after rest hour.

The pictures will tell the rest of the story. The day finished with a castle siege. The boys took three-person water balloon launchers, and loaded them with tennis balls to try to destroy the makeshift castles.

We also have some great pictures from the dance with Rockbrook Camp last night!  What a busy weekend!  Back to skill building, trips, and more camp fun tomorrow!  Have a great night

Don Gentle

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