Mini Corn Dog Day!

Pictures from July 15, 2011  (password required)

The Minis on Their Chill Night! Sure was a great two weeks!

Who would have thought that this would create such excitement, upheaval, joy, and a pure feeding frenzy!  I feel like it was just a few days ago when Townsend was talking about how much time we spend on our food.  Remember her talking about all those “made from scratch” items, tons of real butter, lots of special sides and salads.  Well obviously, the mini corn dog does not rank up there as a culinary delicacy, or even a super healthy option, but boy to the guys get excited!

We cannot even announce when we are having mini corn dog day.  There has been many a camper that has postponed or even dropped out of a trip because of the rumor of mini corn dogs.  We had to go undercover because many of the activity heads including rock climbing, canoeing, and even mountain biking were complaining about guys bowing out of trips because mini corn dogs were on the menu. I mean we have things like pork tenderloin, homemade salsa, beef eye round, homemade breads, and even garden tomatoes with fresh mozzarella and cilantro, but what do they go crazy about… Mini corn dogs…kinda crazy…  Did I mention that the complimenting side was oven baked mac and cheese? Of course, there were other options, like this sweet bean dip, fresh salsa, a great salad bar.  It was another big hit and all were stuff to the gills with the MCD (mini corn dog).

Wow, two weeks almost done and two more to go for most of us.  We have a mini parents’ day for our mini I campers tomorrow, then our new guys come in on Monday!  Tonight it will be great to have everyone back in from all the trips and home for the weekend.  Saturday is always a ton of fun…  Climbing will have Pirate Day, and hiking is doing a little Americana event themed “Car Campin’ Day” complete with pie irons, hot dog sticks, jiffy pop, open fire, and a pick-up truck.  It should be a hoot!

Have a great night!


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