Saturday Again (already!)

Pictures from July 16, 2011  (password required)

The weather has totally flipped from earlier this week!  The first few days this week brought our hottest temperatures of the whole summer – we had more campers and counselors spending time in the water during free times than any other day.  Today we have been chilled and spent a good part of our day avoiding the drizzle outside.  This morning there was a roaring fire going on in the lodge’s fireplace, which was a welcome treat with the cool weather!

We had a wonderful morning with the Mini I campers and parents today!  We did a great tour around camp and all of the guys got to talk about their activities and all of the stuff they enjoyed!  We welcome in the new Mini’s on Monday!

Normally we don’t send trips out on Saturday, but today there was an exception.  The canoers went out for a little bit of practice before Camp Cup, which is coming up early this week.  Camp Cup is a whitewater paddling challenge at the Nantahala River that many area camps participate in each year.  The campers and counselors alike look forward to showing off their skills and being challenged by the series of events.  We have some campers who plan on paddling C-2s (a 2-person decked canoe) during Camp Cup – to get their practice in today they went to the French Broad River and paddled upstream!  It seems like quite a feat to me, and I sure hope they are proud of all the hard work they’re putting in.

Once again this Saturday, choice period was transformed into “Beautification Hour” and after dinner we had a square dance with Rockbrook Camp.  The square dances are always a lot of fun – it’s entertaining to watch all of the dancing as well as the few who avoid it at all costs. 

Also, I’d like to let you in on a secret – tonight we’ll be surprising the boys with a special event – instead of ringing the lights out bell at 9:30, we’ll be kicking off tomorrow’s all-day event – the Medieval Games!  None of the boys know about it yet, but they will be gathered and walk through camp with their cabin group, led by a tiki torch, until everyone has met on Campfire Hill.  Once there, we will be holding a dramatic proclamation of tomorrow’s events.  Should be lots of fun!  Stay tuned for more about the Medieval Games!


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