The Time of Their Life

 Pictures from July 28, 2011  (password required)

Our Starter boys (and Grace Gentle) wrapping up an awesome week of camp with the high ropes course!!!

Well we completed the last full day of activities today and it was AWESOME!  Climbing today had a new activity in which campers and staff while on belay worked to climb milk crates that they stacked one at a time.  The winning number was 18 crates high this session.  It was a fun new twist for the boys down at the climbing tower today.  Soccer decided it was time to work on headers so to practice their form they headed to the lake.  They practiced headers as they splashed into the refreshing lake water.    At Choice Period this afternoon many of the older campers and several staff played a tight soccer match.  Campers and staff were mixed on teams and it was a great afternoon of soccer with many fans to cheer them on!

In addition to the fun in camp activities there were many trips out of camp today.  Pottery visited many of the galleries in our area exposing the campers to many types of art and local artists.  Hiking took a group to rock hop near graveyard fields in Pisgah.  The campers had a blast and enjoyed cooling off in the cool mountain stream as they went along.  The paddling two day returned after padding section 9 of the French Broad today.   It was a great trip and the boys returned home tired but satisfied from a great adventure.  Climbing took a trip to Horseshoe Rock and it was a blast.  Mountain biking took many of the mini session campers on a ride in Dupont State Forest.  The boys had a great time and returned tired as well after a morning of riding.

The Upper Senior Age Group is enjoying a steak dinner at Hank and Townsend’s house this evening.  The boys have set a great example for the younger campers and have been a great help in all of the activities that they have assisted in through the apprentice program.  The steak dinner is a thank you for all of their leadership and hard work.  It is quite a spectacle if you can imagine 50 teenage boys and enough steak to feed them all.  Needless to say they consume enough food to sink a ship!

The rest of the cabin groups are enjoying Cabin Night in various locations around camp.  It is a final evening activity with just their cabin to play and then reflect on the session highlights as well.  Many choose to enjoy a campfire and s’mores while hanging out together.  The Starter campers are enjoying their cabin overnight this evening at the Lower Rocky Top shelter on the property.  They will stuff themselves with Pita Pizzas and s’mores around the campfire before falling asleep in their shelter.   Sleep should come fast for them after a big day on the ropes course, canoeing, waterslide and a round on the Rock it! 

What an aesome month it has been.  Thank you so much for believing in all that we do here!  We sure do love sharing our joy with your sons, be it a week, two weeks, or even a month.  It is certainly the time of their lives here at High Rocks.

This will be the last night of pictures.  Don’t forget Parents’ Day on Saturday.  Please wait until 9:15 to arrive.  We will get things going around 10:15 with demonstrations, displays, and lunch!  Don’t forget, if you enjoyed the pictures, you can still order a drive from Townsend.  Just email here at

Have a safe trip; we can’t wait to visit with all of you!


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