The Time Warp

Pictures from July 07, 2011  (password required)

Hangin' out at Rocky Springs Shelter for the night!!!

Cabin overnights are headed out again tonight with Connestee, Windswept, Foxhollow, and Holiday IV cabins.  The boys will get to enjoy a night of cooking pita pizza’s and smore’s over a campfire.  They always come back sticky and dirty but with great stories from their overnight adventure.  Our cabin counselors for the youngest groups have gotten quite skilled at provided a great experience that the kids love which envolves staying up until “11:OO or midnight” without the grouchy side effects.  One counselor upon leaving double checked that everyone left their watches back in the cabin and announced that they were entering “the warp”.  The boys enjoy the evening so much they do not want to go to sleep but with a little assistance from “the warp” they are easily persuaded to settle down for the night.  Counselors and campers come back well rested- or as well rested as you can be after sleeping in a shelter with 13 other people.  So if your son comes home and announces that he stayed up til midnight on his cabin overnight just smile and know that he did in “the warp”.

In addition to cabin overnights we had two groups on the ropes course today along with trips out of camp to the French Broad River section 8, Pilot Rock in Pisgah, the north side of Looking Glass Rock.  We also hosted some ladies from Illahee for tennis and soccer this afternoon.  The campers always enjoy a change of pace and the girls also offer a welcome change!

I hope you enjoy the pictures again this evening!


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