Zombie Apocalypse Sunday!

Pictures from July 24, 2011  (password required)

What an awesome Sunday!  After a super fun night of square dancing with the girls from Keystone Camp just down the mountain, we had a little extra sleep in this morning.  It allowed some guys to get up as usual and come to the lodge, while others could sleep in a little later. We even gave them the morning off for cabin clean-up! Then, it was breakfast with all the usual fair AND Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  Breakfast was followed by our morning service by the lake including a little reflection, some great songs and music, and then a few of our staff did a dramatic reading of “The Lorax” by Dr. Seuss.

The boys had a lot of different options for choice period and free time the rest of the morning.  A good number of them headed down to the lake to enjoy the water in some form. Still others played their matches in the camper-counselor tennis tournement, while some played some disc golf, bouldered, got into some four square, or just relaxed.

The morning rapped up with the introduction to the impending doom of the Zombie Apocalypse!  This would become an all-camp event for the entire afternoon where campers (mostly humans) and counselors (mostly zombies) would have it out through a series of missions, and skirmishes.  Humans would become zombies and the zombie numbers would start to rise, until the “antidote” was found and created to “cure” the zombies from their crazy state.  It was a first ever for this event and the boys really enjoyed it.  What an awesome day! 

Temperatures raged all the way to the mid 80”s today AND we had to have ice cream sundaes after lunch AND THEN a cookout after the “Zombie Invasion.”  Tomorrow it is back to the normal grind of activities, trips, and cabin clean-up…  I’m sure the commute to the dining hall will be in gridlock again.  Life is hard up here on the mountain…  I sure hope we can handle all that 🙂 !

Have a great night!  We always do!


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