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Friday news- Wrapping up the Summer

Pictures from August 12, 2011  (password required) We normally do not post pictures on the last day of camp, but we had a few leftover pictures that hadn’t been published yet. Parent’s day will begin at 10 AM on Saturday. … »

Thursday News- Wacky hair day!

Pictures from August 11, 2011 (password required) Yesterday was camper-counselor t-shirt swap day, today is “Wacky Hair Day”.  During breakfast a queue forms to get hair “styled”.  For some of our campers “Wacky Hair Day” seems to be a daily … »

Wednesday News

Pictures from August 10, 2011  (password required) For today’s blog, I asked Chris Dorrity if he could share some thoughts: Hey everybody, this is Chris Dorrity, the head of the climbing program here at camp.  Just the other day I … »

Tuesday at High Rocks

Pictures from August 9, 2011  (password required) Last night was a time to relax a bit.  The campers and staff have been going hard each day of the session, so last night we set up a screen in the gym … »

Back to the Grind

Pictures from August 8, 2011  (password required) What another wonderful day!  We hit the ground running this morning – after a weekend full of fun and out-of-ordinary events, it’s time to get back into our regular schedule, practice those new … »

Carnival Sunday!

Pictures from August 7, 2011  (password required) I love Sundays at camp; it’s a special day to relax, reflect, and re-energize. We get up about thirty minutes later on Sunday, and ease into the day. The Krispy-Kreme fairy left a … »

Our Staff Rocks

Pictures from August 6, 2011  (password required) As I walked through camp today, watching activities and getting to know some of the boys, I couldn’t help but notice what a great staff we have here at camp! Our young men … »

One Giant Leap…

Pictures from August 5, 2011  (password required) How is it that summer camp can create so much independence?  Is it simply the model of camp that gives us independence or is it just being away from our parents? Camp gives … »

Let the Trips Begin…

 Pictures from August 4, 2011  (password required) It was another exciting day in activities today at camp.  Campers have their schedules and routines down and now we add a little spice in the form of trips out of camp.  Today … »

Wednesday- Rave Reviews for Ropes!

 Pictures from August 3, 2011  (password required) Greetings from Camp High Rocks! The second full day of activities has been just that…full. All of the guys in Holiday Inn cabin spent the morning on the ropes course, & Pinnacle had their chance in … »