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Pictures from August 8, 2011  (password required)

What another wonderful day!  We hit the ground running this morning – after a weekend full of fun and out-of-ordinary events, it’s time to get back into our regular schedule, practice those new skills and make the most out of the few days we have left.  It’s always a sad time of the year when we start to think about the last campers of the summer heading home…

Today we had two bunches of kiddos head up to the Cathedral Rocks for some rock climbing, another group of guys went out for a canoeing trip on the French Broad River, and a mountain biking trip made their way over to neighboring DuPont Forest to get on some super-fun trails.  To top that off, two cabin groups made it on to the ropes course today, and each activity stayed busy with fun and exciting in-camp activities.

I have to say, I really love taking a bit of time each day to walk around camp and just observe all of our campers in their element.  Each day I get to see them in the swimming area searching for lost treasures on the bottom of the lake, or on the rock-it mastering the teamwork required to get a whole group moving, but it’s a real treat to see them around other areas in camp as well.  All of these boys have such big hearts – this morning I got to watch a bunch of kids stop in the dining hall for snack at 10:30 and grab snacks for their friends as well.  They were making plans to canoe together, play disc golf, or be “buddies” at swimming during free times.  In each of their activities they continue taking on new skills and independence each day – the climbers are all putting on their harnesses (correctly!) and getting ready to climb as soon as they make it to the shed.  The canoers are taking less time to complete an “endurance lap” around the lake.  The fishermen are so excited to venture to the Bottomless Pond in hopes of catching Scarface.  It seems that with each activity hour, the boys know exactly what their mission is, and they are so excited about getting it done.

We only have 4 more full days left of camp, and they will undoubtedly fly by.  You can count on us to keep everyone busy and the boys to discover new fun elements of camp each day…  This is my seventh summer at camp and I still feel that way (I just learned about an awesome four-square tournament taking place tomorrow)!

Have a great night!

Crystal Clusiau

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