Let the Trips Begin…

 Pictures from August 4, 2011  (password required)

It was another exciting day in activities today at camp.  Campers have their schedules and routines down and now we add a little spice in the form of trips out of camp.  Today several of our Rock Climbers got to hike up to the Cathedral Rocks also known as the “High Rocks” about a 20 minute hike from main camp.  There are several large boulders that make up the area and climbers get to experience climbing on real rock.  The morning group headed out after assembly and returned before lunch.  The afternoon group got an early start on the afternoon and left during rest hour and returned a bit early due to a much needed rain this afternoon.   Tomorrow we will have more climbing trips out and an all day hike to Dupont State Forest as well as two trips to the French Broad River for beginning paddlers.  The French Broad offers a great opportunity for eager paddlers to experience navigating a canoe on gentle moving water.  These trips are in addition to regular scheduled activities in camp.  Campers are invited to participate in the trips when they are ready for the challenges they present.  Many of the campers are interested in the trips but not quite ready to leave camp because they are having so much fun.  We feel like we are doing our job when it is a tough decision!

All around camp activities were hopping.  Lookout cabin got to have their turn on the Ropes Course this morning and Halfway had their turn this afternoon.  The Ropes Course is a great opportunity for the boys to work together as a cabin group that often helps the boys bond a little closer having shared the experience together.  Every cabin will have a chance on the Ropes Course this session.  We start with the older cabins and give the younger boys a little more time to adjust to camp before sending them on the Ropes Course.

This evening Lakeside, Pinnacle, and Holiday cabins headed out on their overnights.  It will be a fun evening of making pita pizzas and s’mores over the campfire.  It is a great time for the boys to sit around the campfire and play games.The boys will come in tomorrow morning covered in sticky marshmellow goo and a layer of dirt on top.  It is easy to tell which campers are returning from an overnight.  Luckily they have an opportunity to clean up a bit before breakfast.   The boys on overnights often think they stay up till midnight but do not be alarmed.  I assure you they are crashed out early but some of the counselors let them think it is later to ease the transition to sleep. 

It has been another busy day at camp and there will be a lot of campers falling asleep I bet before their head fully reaches the pillow.  Long active days outside are a great catalyst to a super night’s sleep!

I hope you will enjoy tonight’s pictures and be sure to check back tomorrow!

Elizabeth “Zoob” Gentle

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